In this Camp

Posted by Caroline

When we go camping but forget to pack any paper, does that keep us from gaming? No way!

Games on plates!

Once again In This World helps us unlock our creative powers!

Introducing four new ways to camp:

World 1: World of Crab Camp, where we are crab creatures from the far future. We camp in the semi-flooded ruins of humanity and sleep in *shudders* sliming bags.

World 2: World of Dream Pod Ships, where we sleep away the long voyage to new planets to escape a dying Earth. We dream of camping so that we can develop the skills we will need once we reach our new homes.

World 3: World of the Great Camp Off, where we camp competitively. Best camper for World President!

World 4: World of the Ghost Mammoth, where we are ancient peoples, leaving our caves to camp out in the wilderness. You come of age when you discover something new, but beware the Ghost Mammoth, a mysterious monster in these days where we believe our scary camp stories and begin to weave mythology.  Ghost mammoth – he’ll getcha!

Big thanks to Marc, Kelly, and Fina for making the magic happen!

In This World by Ben Robbins is on Kickstarter until June 20.

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